Beginning From the other countries
If you live in another countries than France, Germany or UK you can also use our circuits but the price of your circuit may change a little because of the cost of flights.
We can arrange your flights from following cities:
Frankfurt, Munich, Rome, Millan, Wien, Madrid, Barcelona, Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Zurich, Tokyo, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur; Delhi, Mumbai.
Contact the embassy of the countries in the circuit for obtaining VISA.
Consult our web page Links for addresses and websites.
For other countries and cities please contact us.


France :

+33 1 43 06 30 34
+33 9 77 19 90 00 

78 avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris

Iran :

+98 21 26 29 38 52
+98 21 26 29 38 61

unite 8, No. 5, Rahimi St, Africa Boulvard



Alberghi che prenotano in Iran

Noi abbiamo avviato la nostra attività in campo di prenotazione di alberghi in Iran da Sep 2014. Noi abbiamo accordi con 120 alberghi di 5 * ,4 * e 3 * in città di diffrent dell'Iran. Lei ha la possibilità di trasferimento di banca, pagamento on-line con schede di credito

Alberghi che Prenotano

Customers Reviews

 From France, the preparation of an independent trip to Iran is a bit complicated: there is no impossibility of direct bookings, not to be able to use your credit cards, you will have difficulties to forecast accurately budget and more importantly to carry ...

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